Orion 3e Consortium Kosovo is in consortium with POYRY Switzerland, STEAG Germany, EKONERG Croatia prequalified for CONTOUR GLOBAL tender for Owners Engineer services for the development, design, financing, supply, construction and commissioning of the 500MW lignite-fired Kosovo e Re Power Plant Project ### Orion 3e Consortium Kosovo together with POYRY Switzerland and STEAG Germany has submitted EoI for the EU project 136614/DH/SER/XK Support to the decommissioning process of Kosovo A Thermal Power Plant. ### In August 2016 we completed the ESIA for Kosovo Power Project (funded under the CLRP-SAF) through the GoK-MESP with WB funding. The ESIA was prepared by a Joint Venture consisting of the Orion 3E Consortium, Ekonerg, Mining Institute Tuzla and Hidroing DK ### In December  2016  MIBRAG CONSULTING International GmbH, Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (formerly Vattenfall Europe Mining AG) MIBRAG mbH and Orion3E Consortium d.o.o. Kosovë, submitted EOI  to the KEK-K16-402-312 for DETAILED PROJECT FOR PRODUCTION AND INVESTMENT FOR THE MINE HADE

Orion 3E Consortium is a cluster of the companies that brings together experts from across the region, experts that in the past few decades have been actively working in all phases of design and implementation of projects in the energy and ecology. High professionalism, efficiency and experience brings strength to perform complex projects. Our vision is to create a future dominated by clean energy, our strategy is based on solutions that use high safety and environmental standards implemented using the latest technology. We want to provide our clients with optimal solutions that successfully balance the demands of economic and high safety and environmental standards.
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