Environmental Impact Assessment - TP Plomin

Environmental Impact Assessment and Integrated Environmental Licencing Permit (IPPC licence) TPP Plomin C. (pdf)

Reconstruction of TP Plomin

Project of reconstruction of TP Plomin – substitution of existing TP Plomin by TP Plomin C with aim of modernisation and extension of capacity. (pdf)

Porto Montenegro - Tivat

Delivery of equipment for vodvod and sanitation, HVAC installations, separators, infrastructure preformed by ETG. (2010/2012)

Olive Residence Appartments (G11)

Installations of the heating/air conditioning VRF system, ventilation, solar system Installations of the water supply and sewage systems with installing of the facilities fir pressure raising preformed by ETG. (2009/2010)

Bar Construction Company ZIB

Construction of thermo technical installations, residential-business building, Bar Construction Co. E-3A; Po+Pr+5+Pk preformed by ETG.

Vila Apia in Budva

Construction of hydro technical installation on the building “Vila Apia” by ETG (2009).

Montenegroproject C 16 Topolica 1 Bar building

Construction of the hydro technical installations (installation of water supply and sewage systems) on the building preformed by ETG (2008/2010).

Contemporary art museum at Cetinje

Architectural design done by “ARCVS” Net area 1640 m2. Construction design of heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Preparation of design has been completed in August, and construction in December 2011 preformed by ETG.