Reconstruction of TP Plomin

Project of reconstruction of TP Plomin – substitution of existing TP Plomin by TP Plomin C with aim of modernisation and extension of capacity. (pdf)

Zavod Bakovići, FOJNICA

Technical and technological solution possibility of replacing the existing coal fired boilers with biomass boilers preformed by dvokut.

Biomass Cogeneration power plant BE-TO Velika Gorica 20 MWe and 35 MWt, Croatia

HEP OIE, Croatian power utility, has decided to construct a biomass cogeneration power plant in Velika Gorica consisting of a steam boiler plant for biomass firing and steam turbine plant.

Rehabilitation of the two steam turbines, AL-QAIM, Iraq

State Company for Phosphate AL-QUAIM in Iraq contracted with INGRA-Croatia rehabilitation of the two steam turbosets.

Combined Cycle Cogeneration Gas Power Plant CCCGPP 110 MW, Petrokemija, Kutina, Croatia

Combined cycle cogeneration gas power plant CCCGPP 110 MW will be located within Petrochemical Complex Petrokemija Kutina.

Combined cycle cogeneration power plant, Pliva

PLIVA, Croatia’s leading pharmaceutical company, has constructed a gas combined cycle cogeneration plant in Savski Marof consisting of a gas turbine, a utilizer boiler (HRSG) and a steam turbine.

NPP Krško – Cooling towers system extension

In Nuclear power plant Krško, Slovenia, CSE consortium founded by Ekonerg and SPX Cooling technologies contracted NPP cooling system extension at "turn-key" basis.

Overhaul of NE Krško

Ekonerg participates in all overhaul of NEK as one of the companies authorized to supervise overhaul works.