Assurance and quality control in building combained cogeneration power plant 230 MWe / 50 MWth, Block C in the Sisak

The plant consists of a gas turbine (160 MW) boiler utilizer (VT pairs of 230 t / h steam NT 56 t / h) and steam turbin (80 MW). Annual production is 1.500 GWh  electric power and thermal enerije 140GWh.

Construction supervision steam pipes DN 250 with condensate from power plants to the Sisak HEP Toplinarstvo facility Sisak

The construction of a new natural gas combined-cycle cogeneration unit "C" in the Sisak, provides the production of additional 50 MW of thermal energy (steam) for the consumer or the central heating system of the city of Sisak.

MPRS Pula / MPRS Nova Gradiška

Metering and Pressure Reduction Stations in Pula and Nova Gradiška.

Air Quality Information System

The information system was designed and developed to provide collection of emission measurement data (hourly based values and validated measurement values) from measuring/monitoring stations and reporting.

VIK Rijeka - (Asset management and maintenance information system)

 VIK Rijeka - Water and Sewer Company, City of Rijeka, Croatia
(Asset management and maintenance information system)

Quality assurance activities as Quality Support Services Krško

EKONERG for years has performed quality assurance activities as Quality Support Services Krško (NEK SKV.QA) during operation, regular overhauls and addons.

Energy management information system

Energy management information system (ISGE) is web application for electrical energy and water consumption, monitoring and analysis